Fire Safety Break Down

Fire Prevention Division has a community outreach program designed to educate the public in Fire Safety. The first step is to introduce the class or group to the SHOC. The Safety Health Outreach Center – old station 13 – has been transformed into an interactive environment that the Firefighters can use to educate the public….

An Extra 5

Art Vega had his second retirement this past week. After serving 21 years on the line. Lt. Vega came back and became an inspector for the Fire Prevention Division in 2013. Friday, March the 8th the Lt. celebrated his second retirement with his team, family and friends. Here are some pictures of his last day…

Return to the Scene at Pera Ave

This week, the Community Risk Reduction Division did their return to the scene at Pera Ave. The morning proved to be a productive one after they installed 26 smoke alarms, performed surveys at 16 homes, and installed a total of 45 homes. For the Month of February total 329 smoke alarms

PBS Kids Fiesta

This weekend, the Community Risk Reduction team was present at the PBS Kids Fiesta at the Civic Center. Sparky the Fire Dog popped in to meet the children while Lt. Acuña gave them safety advice and signed up their parents to receive a free smoke alarm.

Pipes & Drums and FPD present at MDA Muscle Walk

Firefighters and the MDA have always had a close relationship. This morning, the EP Firefighters Pipes & Drums team and the Fire Prevention Division were part of the Muscle Walk at Cielovista Mall. This type of events help the Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraiser to help patients.

KVIA 7 at the SHOC

Friday ABC 7’s Christina Aguayo visited us at the SHOC to get an exclusive for Fire Prevention Week. Heres a look at what we teach our visitors on fire safety.   The following is the KVIA 7’s Story: Look, listen and learn: EPFD provides fire safety tips during Fire Prevention Week  

It’s never to early to start

El Paso Fire Department Community Risk Reduction has one priority … Teaching Fire Safety The Safety Health Outreach Center is one of the greatest tools we use to deliver the fire safety message. Our inspectors teach children the importance of fire safety and have a little fun in the process.

A Fun Day at the SHOC

A few years back station 13s was converted into an Outreach Center that would allow the El Paso Fire Department to have fire and health safety clinics/demonstrations. On certain days the SHOC will be visited by pre-schools and daycare centers that wish to learn about fire safety.  This gives the El Paso Fire Department’s Fire Prevention…

Fire Drills for Businesses?

Did you ever wonder why did you do fire drills in school while growing up? An alarm rang you ran out the building, right? Wrong! You did what you were trained to do in school, walk in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit and wait until you were cleared to come back. Businesses are no exception…

Reading Time

Fire Prevention Department, spend the majority of their time visiting fire victims and educating the public on fire safety, the setup of smoke alarms and, the importance of fire drills.  But once in a while, schools ask if they can come down and read a story to their students. 2018 has been a hectic year…