PBS Kids Fiesta

This weekend, the Community Risk Reduction team was present at the PBS Kids Fiesta at the Civic Center. Sparky the Fire Dog popped in to meet the children while Lt. Acuña gave them safety advice and signed up their parents to receive a free smoke alarm.

EPCC VV Family Day

On June the 2nd, El Paso Community College held a family day at their campus.  There were quite a few Superheroes and Supervillains walking around.  FST Cannoy and FST Gonzalez were on site to promote Fire Safety awareness to people.      

A Fun Day at the SHOC

A few years back station 13s was converted into an Outreach Center that would allow the El Paso Fire Department to have fire and health safety clinics/demonstrations. On certain days the SHOC will be visited by pre-schools and daycare centers that wish to learn about fire safety.  This gives the El Paso Fire Department’s Fire Prevention…

Fire Drills for Businesses?

Did you ever wonder why did you do fire drills in school while growing up? An alarm rang you ran out the building, right? Wrong! You did what you were trained to do in school, walk in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit and wait until you were cleared to come back. Businesses are no exception…