Dynamic Stretching

Firefighters are the only professionals Athletes have to perform at full speed without a warm up.

Eat More Vegetables

Everyone knows to eat more vegetables, so why do we struggle so much? IAFF Nutrition Consultant Lisa Desilet shares some easy ideas to add more vegetables into your diet.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Vaccinations may boost resistance, but cures for virus-based illnesses like the flu don’t exist. So, keep your immune system “tuned”—it’s the only one you’ve got! Boost your immune system with adequate sleep; getting recommended vaccinations; eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants; getting recommended exercise; washing your hands and maintaining good…

Quick Tips for Adding Healthy, Whole Foods

When making dietary changes, it should not feel restrictive, overwhelming or hard to live with. You are making longterm lifestyle changes, so you want to have a plan to make the habits stick around. Transitioning to a healthier way of eating may seem daunting, so here are some tips to keep in mind: Eat vegetables…

Quality Protein in Every Meal

Protein is highly debated, but one thing all experts agree on is that we need it to function well. Lisa Desilet, IAFF Nutrition Consultant, shares how to get quality protein in every meal. Download the IAFF’s Firefighter Nutrition Guide here.

Know Your Numbers: Tracking Physical and Behavioral Health

Everyone should have a general awareness of their own health status, yet that’s often not the case, even with firefighters.   The American Heart Association’s Know Your Numbers program focuses on being aware of your status on cardiovascular risk factors, including blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. The goal of the program is to identify problems as…

Nutrition Challenge

by FF Scruggs Good afternoon Firefighters hope you’re ready for 2020! LT. Aldo Padilla has a Challenge that he thinks you are going to love. So the Challenge is really simple Eat Real Food for the next 30 days.WHAT DO YOU THINK I EAT BRO!!! Is probably what you said or though right now. We…