Hart Elementary Visit at the SHOC

This week Hart Elementary stopped at Station 13 to get a day of fire safety training. 80 first graders and 4 teachers participated. With the help of P5-A, the children didn’t only have a blast but also learned a lot about fire safety and the Fire Department!

Vehicle Fire Dangers: Burning Pickup Rolls Into Fire Apparatus

The Domino Effect with┬áMark van der Feyst Not one situation will be the same gentlemen positioning of the fire apparatus and chocking considerations of not only your vehicle can come into play as shown in this video. Video underscores the importance of proper apparatus positioning and wheel chocking Responding to a vehicle fire is a…

Joe Tellez Honored at City Council

By FF Scruggs On Tuesday, February 18th, City Council and Local 51 board members gave Joe Tellez a nice send-off. They both thanked Joe for his 30 years of service to the City of El Paso, The Fire Department and for his work at the Local 51 Union. Here are some photos of the happening:…

USFA Releases Fire Stats Covering 10 Years

Speaking of Fire with Robert Rielage Fire statistics can be powerful tools to communicate to the public, media and elected officials to effect change The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) released its periodic report on Fire in the United States in early-January 2020. The report reflects data from 2008 to 2017, as the numbers must be properly analyzed and…

Condition 1 Virginia and Magoffin

by FF Scruggs This week, B1 responded to a condition 1 at Virginia and Magoffin, the building was vacant at the time and no injuries were reported. Cause, Cost, and Damage are being investigated. 13 fire units and 30 fire personnel responded to the incident.

Heart Health Week FB Live

by FF Scruggs This week, Lt Carpio met with our Friends from Border RAC and Providence to discuss heart health live on Facebook. If you weren’t able to catch the live streaming during the week, here’s a link of the recorded version.

Love Your Health 2-1-1

by FF Scruggs Seniors at the Byron Memorial Senior Center got an extra dose of EPFD attention today at the Love Your Health 2-1-1 Fair. They received Hands-Only CPR Training, got their health checks and vaccinations and were signed up for the smoke alarm program. Hands-Only CPR Health Checks and Flu Vaccination Smoke Alarms

Hands-Only CPR Event to Kick Off Heart Health Week

February is Heart Month and what better way to kick it off is to have a Health Fair. Below are some pictures of what went on last Saturday at an event where FMR, Pulsepoint and the American Heart Association participated. If you haven’t done so, download Pulsepoint in your phone and be alerted whenever a…

Relationships and Stress

First Responders Relationships and Stress – Frontline If you are a firefighter or other first responder, you know that work relationships are critical for feeling support, buffering stress, and experiencing overall job satisfaction. Recent research shows, however, that you may be protecting and shielding your spouse or partner from the stress and horrible knowledge you…

Book Recommendations by GFD CPT Schulgen

Last week, during our visits from IAFF, Captain James David Schulgen of Garland Fire Department suggested that we may want to read these two books. These will give you a unique insight into how we act-out and bring the problems home. Fully Involved: A Guide For Being In A Relationship With A Firefighter by Mynda…