COVID-19 EPFD Update

Released today during the City Council Meeting was a presumptive positive test that we had come back for one of our own.  We have confirmed that this positive test is related to the individuals travel and not an exposure related to department operations.  This firefighter was quarantined and tested based on his travel and never…

How Soap Kills COVID-19

You’ve been told a thousand times: wash your hands to stop the spread of COVID-19. But why does this work so well? It has to do with the way the soap molecules are able to absolutely demolish viruses, like the coronavirus. Vox explains what makes plain old soap so effective.

The City Launches COVID-19 Resources Website

The City of El Paso has prepared a website where you can find everything on COVID-19 . From how to get tested, to all the city/county/state/federal mesaures being implemented. Visit to check it out

PTSD in the Fire Service: Tackling Myths

As awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) continues to increase, let’s take a moment to break down some common myths about PTSD in the fire service. 1. Myth: PTSD is just part of the job. Truth: PTSD is not a standard component of the job but a diagnosable and treatable mental health condition. While it’s completely normal to experience…

Firefighter Nutrition: Healthy Fat

Does fat make you fat? IAFF Nutrition Consultant Lisa Desilet clears up this idea and give you a quick and easy way to ensure you’re getting the right kind and amount of fat in your diet.

City of El Paso Press Conference on COVID-19

This week, Health and Public Safety officials gathered for a press conference about COVID-19, it’s prevention and steps to take if a case is detected in our community. Watch the Press Conference live below:

Two New Fire Marshalls Graduate from EPPD 126th Academy

This week, the El Paso Police Department’s 126th Academy graduated. 45 individuals got their badged pinned on for the very first time and swore in as Peace Officers for the City of El Paso. Among the graduates, there were 2 EPFD members who will now become part of the Fire Marshall’s Fire Investigation Division. Congratulations…

Chuco Relic Fundraiser for FF Mando and First Responder Discounts

Chuco Relic has created a special line of t-shirts to fundraise for the family of FF Mando Lopez. The shirts can be found at Chuco Relic Central – 3750 Gateway Blvd E ste b and can be bought for $25. Also, they are offering a special discount for first responders at the store. Just mention…