Station Workout With FF Knotts

FF Knotts has been creating some great videos on different workout routines and he would like to share them with the rest of the Dept. Check them out below!

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Special thanks to FF Jared Knotts for allowing the use of his videos for the firewire.

Step 1 Highrise Pack Drill on first shift! Start with a workout to get your cardio / fatigue then jump into loading and trying a couple variations of the same style pack. These were found on two different engines and each have their benefits. I preferred how the P5 setup pulled. From start to finish this took about an hour and next shift I’ll add to the drill, building up to the third shift.
Part 2 highrise pack drill – building three Denver HR Packs to try them out and see how they connect and flake out. Start with a workout to get your cardio and a little fatigue then get to work assembling the packs. They worked out great and seemed to be a convenient and modular package to use in standpipe operations. Looking forward to next shift where I’ll add to this drill
The first set of the three shifts starting off with a full-body workout circuit and a quick drill on tying knots. This takes about an hour from start to finish. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for your next training session!
Highrise Pack Drill 2B. Calling this drill 2B because I felt I needed another practice round of drill 2- setting up the packs and flaking out the hose. My upcoming shifts will be in highrise territory so I can attempt to perform Drill 3 inside a highrise and add to the complexity of the drill. As a swing firefighter I encounter multiple variations of highrise packs around the city featuring different styles, hose diameters, nozzles, and hose lengths so I’m working to give each a try and increase proficiency with this skill. Workout for cardio/fatigue consisted of full body exercises and a couple variations to the pullups. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas for your next training session and Get to Work!
Part two of this Rope Drill Series. Today’s workout was a full body circuit. 5 circuits of Squat Thrusters, Sledge Hammer, UUDD, Tire Flips, and Rope Pulls. This is for cardio/fatigue before jumping into a firefighter skill. Working on a simple 3:1 mechanical advantage system with tandem prusik belay. Have fun and Get to Work!
Today’s workout is on air, 2.2 pack, with a full-body circuit. Tire flips, Squat Thrusters, Up Up Down Down, Farmer Carry, & Hose Drag. Perform rope skills from drill 1 tying knots until the air runs out. Perform a hot bottle swap while on the last few breaths of air and see how well you can complete the task under stress and fatigue. Once you’re ready to go, perform a second round of the workout.
24’ Single Man Ladder Throw Drill Step 3. I’ve done one drill, adding a little at a time, each shift for this set of three and today’s throw went so much smoother. Easy skill but there’s some techniques I was rusty on from not throwing the ladder often
Capturing some quick drills to share that only take a few minutes but are a great refresher to practice a skill. Did my workout then finished with this simple high rise pack setup. 32” first fold then wrap back and forth. Finish with connecting couplings as a loop or add variations of nozzles/hose/appliances as needed.
Building up on last shift’s Ladder Drill. Single Man 24’ Throw with PPE & SCBA. First there was one… now there’s 2! Not only building skills but building each other up.
After workout sets! They’re not the best but got it done
Today’s workout was a circuit shared by FST Rivas and the 18’s B shift crew. They setup this workout as stations for their crew members so everyone works at the same time. The circuit has seven sets at 20:10s TABATA timing. I used the TABATA stopwatch app for my workout. Jump into a 60 second drill then a 200 pound drag to simulate a downed person on the lighter end. Add to this drill next shift to simulate the weight of a firefighter with gear
On Air Circuit & RIC Drill 2.
Today’s workout was an on air circuit shared by FF Mark Carder Mark Carder. Walk 1 min, Med ball squats, farmer carry, bent over row. Complete as many rounds as you can while trying to make your tank last. Keep track of your time so you can make a goal to extend your on air time in the future. Finish the bottle completely (Brian Olson has some great videos showing his on air workouts finishing the bottle) then jump into a RIC drill that I was inspired to do by a post from @fireground_performance. They showed a picture where the firefighter is pulling a simulated downed FF up the stairwell, maybe from a basement. I enjoyed the challenge and although my makeshift dummy pack tore, I would definitely try this again. Use a deadlift technique to get the weight up the stairs.
On Air Circuit & RIC Drill 3. I wanted to document parts of the 360 degree truck check on this last shift exercise for new ff’s coming on. Maybe this will help give you some ideas on a few key points to check when you get on duty without looking at a checklist. Workout was an on air circuit with Rowing, Deadlifts, Walking, and Ball Slams. This is for fatigue to simulate the labor intensive work of a structure fire. Then jump into a bottle swap and quick RIC drill. Simulate a downed FF by matching your weight with gear and drag the weight across the bay. I opted to cover my facemask and perform a buddy breathing exercise as well. This drill was not focused on search techniques but rather dexterity with the EBSS hose and dragging the weight.
From start to finish this exercise/drill should run about 1 hr. 20-30 mins of exercise finishing one 2.2 bottle followed by drill setup, execution and cleanup.
Veteran’s Day Remembrance On Air Circuit & Extrication Drill 1. Today’s workout is a WOD from @wodwellcf remembering US Army Ranger Corporal Ryan C. McGhee killed in action May 13, 2009. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. The “McGhee” WOD involves deadlifts x5 at 275 lbs modified to 225 pounds plus gear, Pushups x13, and Box jumps modified with Stepups x9. Finish as many rounds as possible on air. 2.2 scba pack. Replace your bottle then jump into today’s drill- Extrication equipment layout and familiarization. Start and test the equipment after fatigue from the workout. This exercise and drill takes about 1 hour from start to finish.
Today I got to work on painting the bay stripe for the pumper here at 12s- got the idea to do this from the crew at 17s that painted their bay accents last week. Their station came out awesome so I thought I’d touch up what I could at the next station I was at this week. Glad to be here @12’s house with a great crew! 👩‍🚒👍👍 Painting the line took about a half hour. Still more to do maybe next shift.
Today’s workout was an on air Drill with the goal of simulating the work of forcing a door, making entry and dragging a victim. A door prop would have been great but I have to make do with what’s available. This drill was inspired by @his_fire_inside who did a door force drill on air. Thanks for the idea! Had fun doing this one. Give it a try and get to work!
This exercise takes about 30 mins from start to finish.
The 💎 “Capt Valero” 💎 on air Drill!
Made a couple modifications because we didn’t have a tire but I think these were comparable to what the tire was simulating to begin with. Thanks Capt for the challenging workout! 250m row, burpees x10, forward tire drag modified with hose drag w/90LB weights, reverse tire drag modified with 205lb dummy drag, and sprint around the station. Goal of x4 rounds.
This exercise takes about 30 mins from start to finish.
On air circuit & medical drill 1. Today’s workout is an on air circuit at 28s House! 250m row, 205lb drag, highrise pack carry, and KEISER Sled. As many rounds as possible until bottle is completely finished. Then jump into a medical drill reviewing basic equipment and a few tips to help your medic get setup during patient care. I used expired medical supplies to demonstrate these skills. Only perform skills within your scope of practice and local credentials. This week I’ll be on the ambulance so I thought I’d do a couple of medical related videos. Add to this drill next shift and keep training! Workout and drill should take about an hour total.
On air circuit & medical drill 2. Today’s workout was an on air circuit with 250m row, 225lb drag, highrise pack crawl/drag, walk, and KEISER sled. It was a challenging workout! Then jump into a medical drill looking over the parts of a stair chair and basic use.
Today’s workout was an on-air circuit setup by FST Garcia at 28’s house! 200m Row, 10 wall slams each side, KEISER Sled back and forth, and farmer carry 100’. There were three of us that participated. We would typically do fire station circuits like this where everyone is working at the same time but we were diligent about C-19 guidelines by performing the drill one at a time, on-air or with facemasks, and maintained distance guidelines with a well-ventilated bay & outdoor space. Big thanks to FST Garcia Efrain Garcia for this challenging workout. I had been focused on extending my tank time rather than a quick burst so this was a good one for me. Also, thank you Ben Baily for the awesome soundtrack!
Today’s workout starts with a 60 second drill with gear as is on your rig followed by an on air circuit with 250m row, tire flips, highrise pack carry, and KEISER Sled. AMRAP. Once VIBRALERT activates, walk until bottle finishes. Get to work and keep training! I have been inspired by several firefighters that I follow on IG that have the motto- “Get comfortable working on air. If you’re not training on air at the station, then when?” I like that idea and it’s been good for me. I feel like I have been increasing my on air time and improving dexterity and functionality while working in full gear. 👩‍🚒👍👍