WellConnect Frontline May 2020

Prevent ARDS Effects of COVID-19

Are you still considering an exercise program or attempting to motivate yourself to get fit? Here’s some motivation:

New research shows that regular exercise can protect you against acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a possible complication of COVID- 19. Avoiding ARDS can keep you off a ventilator.

The myth about ventilators is that they help you breathe, and when you are well, you go home without any issues. Not exactly. A ventilator often leads to other complications, including damage to the lungs. The older you are, the higher this risk—along with the possibility that it can’t be removed. If the ventilator is successfully removed, the risk of death from respiratory-related health problems later is also higher. COVID-19 is going to be around for a while, so if you are struggling to find the right exercise program, speak with an exercise coach, health advisor, do tor, or EAP.

Don’t Tough Out, Acute Stress Disorder

Does your job include a higher risk of witnessing workplace violence? If you are exposed to such an event, be sure to meet with a qualified mental health professional to discuss your experience and understand symptoms of acute stress disorder (ASD).

ASD can follow any type of traumatic event. Don’t tough it out or assume “Ah, I’m okay.” Proper care for symptoms may help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental disorder that can follow if ASD symptoms don’t resolve after six months. ASD may include anxiety, depressed mood, sleep disturbances, nightmares, being constantly tense, being easily startled, irritability, poor concentration, and more.

Grief, Loss, and the the Pandemic

Those needing to attend or arrange funerals are facing extreme challenges because of social distancing and travel restrictions related to COVID-19. These circumstances can make grief and loss worse.

Thoughtful and effective answers to almost every question imaginable about funerary services and COVID-19 can be found at http://www.rememberingalife.com, with new content posted by the National Funeral Directors Association.

You will find the answers about communication, support, grief, overcoming long-distance challenges, funeral options, safe viewing processionals, planning, leveraging technology, holding multiple small ceremonies, and dozens of other issues.

Parenting Stress, Isolation, and Coronavirus

Many national associations for child-abuse prevention are concerned about incidents of child abuse being underreported during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School closures, child care centers, and other programs are not open or operating. Typically, this is how adults outside the home spot signs and symptoms of abuse and make reports.

Are you a parent who needs more parenting support or at least great ideas for child behavior management? Find hundreds of ideas at http://www.preventchildabuse.org/coronavirus-resources. (You will also find great ideas for taking care of, and even pampering, yourself during this difficult time.)

Managing Workplace Criticism

No one escapes occasional criticism at work. But with a few steps, you can face it like a champ, gain from it, and decrease the “ouch.” Virtually all criticism produces tension, so remaining unflustered shows your professionalism while making the impression you want.

Get this far, and other steps to success will fall in line. Remember you have control over accepting “what fits” as true about the criticism and what does not. Knowing this, view any criticism as a free gift.

This will inspire an attitude that elevates your reputation. Our positive self-evaluations often hide our ability to see fully how well we perform, but you will triumph from criticism when you welcome rather than fear it.