Home/Fire Station Checklist

Lt. Padilla would like to share with everyone a checklist that you can use at home or at the station to reduce risk of exposure. Check it out:

Home/Station Checklist: (pro tip: post it on the doors) 

1. Wash your hands before you go home or before you enter the station

2. If you are wearing a mask avoid touching the front of the mask and clean your hands after doffing. Hang in a designated area or storage or place in clean container(after disinfecting).

3. Stage storage bins in the back of your vehicle to store your work bag or clothes and other work items until you are able to complete a full decontamination at home or station.

4. Once you get home/station remove your shoes at the entrance and place them in a plastic bin. Later you will decontaminate if needed with approved cleaner.

5. While still in the entryway remove all items in your pockets. Place along with keys phone and other items in a in another storage bin. You will wipe all of this down later.

6. Immediately upon entering and empting your pockets, walk to the bathroom and shower. Have a clean change of clothes ready in the bathroom. Don’t physically greet anyone. Have a bin or plastic bag in the bathroom in which to place dirty clothes.

7. After showering. Take dirty clothes to get a laundered. Use gloves and clean bin after.

8. Disinfect shoes.

9. Do the same with all items you removed from your pockets in bin.

10. Retrace your steps and ensure you wipe all surfaces you may have touched. Including door and car handle and gates.

11. Clean and disinfect remainder of the work items, wash bags and bins.

12. Make sure to wash your hands one final time.