If your SICK! Stay home!!

by FF Scruggs

A very important announcement from IAFF:

for more info go to http://www.elpasofirefighters.org/index.cfm?zone=/unionactive/doc_page.cfm&pageID=23256

If you do stay home the city got you covered

COVID-19 Leave and Pay Code Guidelines:
• These guidelines go into effect on March 17, 2020, and will continue during the pendency of the present COVID-19 health emergency, as determined by the City Manager, in accordance with the state and federal guidelines.
• Nothing in these guidelines will supersede or be in conflict with the current Collective Bargaining Agreements.
Applies To:
Full-Time Employees
Civil Service Employees
Contract Employees
Temporary Employees
Part-Time Employees
Original Probationary Employees
Seasonal Employees
Paid Interns
In recognition of the disruptions employees and families are experiencing with regards to the COVID-19 virus, the City is being as flexible as possible in tracking leave and keeping our employees consistent with their current pay status, i.e. full-time/part-time. These guidelines take into account that the CDC recommends a 14 (calendar) day quarantine period when dealing with COVID-19 exposures.
The following scenarios are provided to illustrate how your time/pay codes will be applied. All references to telecommuting will be in accordance with the Telecommuting Policy.
This leave is solely available to employees while the City is managing the outbreak under state and federal emergency guidelines.

Scenario 1: You have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and need to be quarantined for 14 calendar days; equating to up to 10 workdays.
a. You will draw from your sick leave balances to cover your leave.
b. Should you not have sufficient leave to cover the 10 work days, the city will supplement the difference up to the 10 workdays for the quarantine period, after your sick leave is exhausted. This time will be coded as COV.
c. If you have no sick leave to draw from, the city will cover the workdays to get you through the 14 calendar day quarantine. This time will be coded as COV.

Scenario 2: You have to be quarantined and are approved to telecommute during this time.
a. You will be paid for your time worked at home.

Scenario 3: Employee is sent home due to reduced work volume and does not have the ability to telecommute.
a. This time will be paid and coded as CAD.
Medical documentation is not required unless the leave qualifies under FMLA or as an ADA accommodation. For instances where the workers’ compensation protocols apply, the leave will be processed/handled accordingly.
Please contact your department payroll clerk with any questions.
Thank you.