Sneak Peek: Check Out the New Quint

By FF Scruggs

The El Paso Fire Department is adding new rigs to the fleet, the first one this year is the 2020 Enforcer 107′ Aerial – Quint 28.

  1. 2020 Enforcer 107’ Aerial
  2. 450hp
  3. 500 gallons water
  4. 900’ 5”  —  600’ 2.5”  —  600’ 1.75”
  5.  4 seater, back seats mounted toward center of cab facing forward
  6. Not tandem axle, single axle
  7. The expected life span of the truck is  25 years
  8. 3 stabilizers – with an auto leveler switch to help with quick setup
  9. The ladder from the ground to full extension is 107 feet

Some new extras          

  • CAFS,
  • Clean cab compartment for PPE
  • Compartment mounted SCBA rather than seat mounted

“Anything else you want the crews to know about this rig and what to do in case scenarios?”

It takes DIESEL NOT GASOLINE and don’t wreck it.

Battalion Chief Ben Ibarra

Remember – You don’t see mechanics fighting fires, So you should not see firefighters working on fire trucks. If it’s broken bring it in.

Shawn Bagdon Emergency Fleet Superintendent

On January 25 there will be a wet down ceremony for Q28. We hope to see you there. An announcement will be made shortly.