Don’t Use the your Annual Physical as a Doctor

Every year you are required to get an annual physical for work from the Life Care Networks. The process is pretty thorough and gives you a lot of information about you health base on your answers in a printed report.

These reports are great, a wealth of information, everything you need to know, so why do you need a personal doctor?

You need a personal doctor because 9 out of 10 times you do not take the time to correctly read the report to understand what condition your health is in, and what to look out for in the future. Doctors are trained in more than just examinations; they are trained in medical history, decision-making, pharmacology, psychology, prognostic indicators, and dozens of other factors. Many or all may be necessary to help you.

Finding a personal doctor is not the easiest thing to do. So do what we do best ask each other, research the web, ask a family member, friends.

A Lot of us have made this mistake

How did your physical go?

Good sir, Doc said I’m good

So what did he say?

He said I was good

If this was the extent of your conversation with the doctor and you are the type of person who puts your annual report in the recycle bin after reading the first two lines. It’s probably a good idea to find yourself a personnel doctor.

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