The Safety Squad Make Their Debut

El Paso Fire Department is growing and so is their Community Risk Reduction program. Gonzo the Clown and Sparky saw a need to recruit and grow their crew to a squad.

  • The Boot / Sparky Leader of this Pack
  • Raul Gonzalez/Gonzo the Clown
  • Michael Bishel/El Luchador Bombero
  • Dolores Gomez/Nurse Edith
  • Steve Hernandez/Rapper Big Daddy Steve
  • Wyatt Schmidt/Doctor Schmidt
  • Capt. Sara Carrillo/ Little Miss Ashes
  • Lt. Juan Acuna/Fire Investigator A Million to Juan
  • Israel Gines/Music DJ MIA Gines
  • Cesario Elizaldi/Back-up DJ EZ Smalls

The show consist of Fire Safety Lessons for girls and boys of elementary schools, these lessons are

  • Smoke alarms save lives!
  • The Great Fire Escape Plan Fire
  • Crawl low in smoke, craw low to get out!
  • the number to call is 911
  • Don’t play with Fire!
  • Stop, Rock and Roll, No! Stop, Drop and Roll
  • What firefighters look like and sounds they make ?

The show debuted this week at several elementary schools for Fire Prevention Week. Remember, presentations can be requested at

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