Some Healthy Smoothies

Acai Adam Reyes’ Big Mango Healer !!

1 cup of almond-coconut Milk

½ -2/3 cup rolled oats, soaked (gluten free preferably)

½ cup frozen mangos ½ cup or 3 frozen strawberries

1 tbsp acai powder

¼ cup of filtered water


Soak ½ cup of rolled oats with 1 cup almond coconut milk overnight (6 -8 HRS) Pour into blender and cover with a ½ cup more almond coconut milk, then make smoothie.

Chief Escandon’ Frutastic blend!!  

1 frozen banana

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup frozen raspberries

1 fresh peeled orange

1 scoop of flaxseed powder

1 cup filtered water


Mix and blend

Rescue 29A on C shift has PAR(peach,almond,Rolled oats)

½ cup gluten free rolled oats

1-1 1/2 cup almond milk

1 cup frozen peach chunks

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp almond butter

Optional additions:

A scoop of your favorite protein powder or hemp seed powder.


Soak the oats with the almond milk overnight 6-8 hours. Pour in blender and cover with ½ cup more milk then add fruit and blend until ready.

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