The new Texas Commission on Fire Protection and FIDO log-in

By FF Scruggs

Before you read this article please visit the Texas Commission on FireProtection and FIDO
FIDO Texas Commission on Fire Protection

Do this action and check to see if you can update your status from basic fire fighter to Intermediate, Advance, or Masters. If so please begin the process of acquiring your certification.

Do this action first before FIDO goes back to their old website ways.

The reason I am telling you this because it took me less then 10 minutes to get both my Fire fighter and ARFF intermediate Certifications, print them out and give to Payroll to receive my incentives.

Section 1. Fire Protection Certification. The City shall pay monthly each employee
holding a certificate granted by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Personnel Standards
and Education as follows:
a. Master Certificate $124.00
b. Advanced Certificate $ 94.00
c. Intermediate Certificate $ 64.00

When I checked my records I qualified for ARFF intermediate and Firefighter intermediate Certifications. I was hesitant at first. I did not want to start the long process of printing all the forms out, filling them out correcting them and refilling them out. Then getting my checks or money orders ready and yes actually mail it out to the state and wait a billion years (1 month) for my check to clear. Yes I know that it is well worth the effort of all that work. But can all that discourage you from getting it done? … YES!

So this is where our state improved the system. When I clicked on the link to begin the task of printing out the form to fill out…. The website took me to a page that had the form information already filed out and a message that read – please check out your form to make sure it is correct. (what just happened did the state figure out that there is a faster way of helping it’s First Responders. Yes they did!)

Next the website asked if I wanted to be billed or pay online. (I told myself that this was a lie and not to pay for it online.) So I did just that and paid upfront for both Certifications, then I went back to the records page to see what I just done. Well look at that two new Certifications are now in my records and if you actually click on the print button it prints out a Certificate.

With that being said I was standing at the door of payroll with a smile ready to drop off my new Certifications.

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