The Texas Traveling Flags have Arrived

By FF Scruggs

Michael Gomez, a former EP first responder who now works at Emergency Management in Houston now. When he learned about what had happened in El Paso, he felt the need to reach out and try to do something.. A few years back Michael went through a similar event – a mass shooting at a church in east Texas. He was one of the Paramedics who were on the scene. So he went on a quest….

Michael purchased two Texas State flags and his goal was to get first responders to sign them. He planed out these stops that he would make

August 17th: Corpus Christi
August 18th: San Antonio & Austin
August 19th: Houston
August 20th: DFW
August 21st: Lubbock
August 22nd: Odessa & Fort Stockton
August 23rd: El Paso
When he would stop at cities and counties buildings and meet up with first responders and get them to sign his flags

Later that night they displayed the flags downtown.

Micheal Gomez and I spoke for a little bit and I got a chance to meet his great loving family that traveled with him.

After we all got to meet and enjoy each others company, Michael decided to share his story with us and the real reason he was there. Michael wanted the first responders of the Walmart incident to know that it’s not over and to prepare themselves for the PTSD that comes with experiencing an event like that. He wanted to bring awareness to the importance of keep taking care of yourself.

During Saturday’s night game, the flags were presented to El Paso First responders who had responded to the Walmart incident Aug 3. As you can see in the pictures it is not just Police and Fire but sheriff’s, Border Patrol Customs and more.

So remember, if you any of the PTSD Symptoms or you would just like talk to someone, you are not alone. Call now, don’t wait.

Peer Support Alex Miranda Coordinator 915 974-9051

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