Promotion Ceremony Summer 2019

Years of hard work, thousands of hours of study and serving the community in countless emergencies, are just a few of the sacrifices and experiences behind each rank that an El Paso Firefighter achieves. Last night, the El Paso Fire Department honored over 20 firefighters who have recently been promoted.

During the ceremony, the Firefighters had their new badges pinned by a designated family member or loved one. At the conclusion of the event, the honorees renewed their Firefighter’s Oath.


FST Joshua Lopez

FST Jesus Garcia

FST Saturnino Ponce

FST Emerson Rodriguez

FST Jesus Hernandez

FST Julio Jimenez

FST David Escobedo

FST Jessey Berry

FST Joe Franco

FST Carlos Dorantes

FST Alejandro Acevedo

FST Daniel Sandoval

LT Aaron Gonzalez

LT Jaime Gutierrez

LT John Hilverding

LT Albert Lujan

LT Gabriel Gonzalez

LT Robert Jones

LT Timothy Burns

Battalion Chief Ruben Candelaria

Battalion Chief Ricardo Gonzalez

Deputy Chief Jonathan Killings

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