Personality Clashes

Employees often complain about personality clashes with coworkers. These conflicts can extend for years but are often explained by communication missteps at the beginning of the relationship. Follow three rules to reduce the likelihood of getting off on the wrong foot and believing you are entangled in irreconcilable differences with a coworker.

  • 1) Be proactive, not reactive, with common courtesies and civility. For example, asking “Did you have a nice weekend?” sends a message of strong desire for a positive relationship.
  • 2) Discuss problems early, but first agree on how to do it. “How would you like to discuss problems or issues that arise between us? Should we meet in person, or is a phone call sufficient?”
  • 3) Inquire about tension.

When you notice an uneasiness in your relationship, address it early.

Chief Frank Reyna

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