Texas Immunization Registry

Guys, we may not think it’s a big deal, but it is a big deal. We are exposed to all sorts of terrible diseases each and every day thinking that we are protected.

YOU may not be protected.

Vaccination does expire and you will need another vaccination.

The Texas Department of State Health Services and Fire Department
encourages your voluntary participation in the Texas immunization registry.
With your consent, your immunization information will be included in lmmTrac2
and health care providers can access your immunization history.

To participate in the lmmTrac2, all first responders must fully complete and sign the lmmTrac2 consent form.

Do not leave anything blank, use N/A for any part of the form that does not pertain to you. The consent form is accessible at F:\Public\FD Forms\Medical Forms. Completed forms shall be forward to Fire Medical Research Division or emailed to FD-Medical.

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