Sparky: What are you doing?

by FF P. Scruggs

This weekend, Sparky ran into FF Juan Romero (P15) at the Grand Opening of Richard Burges Branch Library on 9600 Dyer. FF Romero taught Sparky a couple of piano lessons during the event.

Sparky- “Great to run in to you FF Romero”

FF Romero – “You too Sparky!”

Sparky-” You look sharp Sir!”

FF Romero – “Thanks!”

Sparky – “So why are you here at the Library Opening?”

FF Romero – “I’m the piano player”

Sparky- “WOW! That’s really cool; Can we play a song?”

FF Romero- “Sure come join me.”

Sparky- “I can’t play the piano….”

FF Romero- “Ha, no worries Sparky I’ll show you”

FF Romero- “See it’s easy! Let’s play!”

FF Romero- “Thanks for hanging with me Sparky!”

Sparky- “Your welcome and thank you for the lesson.”

FF Romero- “Anytime.”

“Is he available for next week? He’s good!”

If you have a story, talent, or something you would like to share with the department share it to, Sparky would like to know and share it with everyone else.

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