Fire Safety Break Down

Fire Prevention Division has a community outreach program designed to educate the public in Fire Safety.

The first step is to introduce the class or group to the SHOC. The Safety Health Outreach Center – old station 13 – has been transformed into an interactive environment that the Firefighters can use to educate the public.

The SHOC Home like environment helps to educate the group to identify unsafe items and practices in the home. Raul Gonzalez shows his class an out dated smoke alarm that needs to be replaced and other items to look out for.

The Class will continue to the back room where a the firefighters can use different educational videos to teach different lessions on fire safety

After the video lession now comes time to practice what you learn

Then we will move to the bay where more lessons are taught Stop Drop and Roll

Paramedic FST Wyatt Schmitt demonstrates the SCOTT and shows everyone that even our bunker gear can burn.

The Fire Safety class ends with the group trying on bunker gear and exploring the environment.

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