Fundraiser for FST Medina’s Son

Jojo is 6 years old. He is the son of FST Medina. Jojo has been battling cancer since he was 4.

He has undergone countless chemo treatments and blood transfusions. However, this hasn’t stopped Jojo from fighting cancer with a positive attitude.

Jojo was named an El Paso Fire Department honorary firefighter on February 19, 2019. During the ceremony, his own dad pinned him with an official badge and Chief Reyna handed him his very own helmet. He also Central Fire Station.

Jojo has been doing very good with his treatments, he is already on his last year. However, the battle is not over yet and the costs keep adding up.

We are asking for donations to help Jojo complete his treatment and fulfill his dream, and his promise, of attending the Fire Academy in the future.

Donations can be made through GoFundMe at

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