Fire Lieutenant Job Announcement

Starting today, and until January 25th, Human Resources is accepting applications to promote to the rank of Lieutenant. To apply, click here.


Candidate must have five (5) years of firefighting, fire prevention, or fire medical experience with the El Paso Fire Department including five (5) years of state certified structural firefighting, and two and one-half (2½) years service as a Fire Suppression Technician, Fire Medical Lieutenant, or Fire Paramedic and successful completion of a strategy and tactics, and supervision course from an accredited college, university or state recognized institution and Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certification as Fire Instructor I and as Fire Officer I.

Current Incumbents serving in this job class will not be required to meet the updated minimum requirements of his/her respective job class provided that the incumbent was permanently employed in the respective job class prior to January 2015.

(The time from the date the individual graduated from the training academy for structural firefighting will count for purposes of meeting the minimum requirement of five (5) years of state certified structural firefighting.)

Licenses and Certificates: Texas Class “B” Driver’s License or equivalent from another state (with exemption for heavy firefighting vehicles).

If assigned to Fire Prevention or Fire Investigations, must be certified as Texas Fire Inspector in compliance with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Standards of Education (TCFPSE).

If assigned to Fire Investigations, must be licensed as Texas Peace Officer in compliance with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE), as provided by state statutes, and be certified as Texas Fire Investigator in compliance with (TCFPSE) prior to assignment.

Must be personally responsible for maintaining while employed in this job class; Structural Firefighter certification from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection with sponsorship by the El Paso Fire Department and current Texas certification at the Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Intermediate or Paramedic level. Employees appointed prior to January 1985 must maintain and be personally responsible for Texas certification of Emergency Care Attendant or higher level of certification. Must meet applicable Texas State Health and safety code requirements and Texas statute and administrative rules.General Purpose

Under general supervision, function as a supervisor in a Fire Suppression district or as assigned, in administration, fire prevention, training, planning, communications, emergency management, or maintenance divisions. The Fire Chief has the discretion to transfer members within the department from division to division, or unit to unit within the various divisions or any function under the administrative authority of the Fire Chief.Typical Duties

Perform functions of fire suppression shift supervisor of a fire company or station as assigned. Involves: Participate in emergency activities such as fire suppression, rescue, medical assistance, hazardous conditions, and other emergency incidents. Perform related support activities such as minor maintenance of equipment, apparatus and facilities, and inspection of buildings and fire hydrants. Evaluate fire prevention activities.

Perform functions as a Records Officer in the Administrative Division as assigned. Involves: Perform quality control of fire and medical incident reports. Coordinate with appropriate Fire and Medical Records personnel to ensure accuracy and completeness of reports and appropriate submittal to regulatory agencies. Perform related administrative functions.

Perform functions of supervisor in the Fire Prevention Division as assigned. Involves: Direct fire prevention inspectors and coordinate inspection of installation of fire prevention equipment. Direct water services. Develop, initiate, and direct fire prevention programs. Serve as division representative in meetings with department heads. Perform public information functions. Direct and conduct fire investigations and related activities. Direct and participate in juvenile fire setters program. Present public education programs related to arson. Provide support to fire prevention inspectors for Fire Prevention and Texas Insurance Code offense that require arrest. Act as liaison between local, state, and federal agencies. Perform functions as Range Officer and Evidence Custodian as assigned.

Perform functions of training officer as assigned. Involves: Conduct training classes and programs. Develop training methods and lesson plans. Document training. Direct minor maintenance of training equipment and facility.

Perform functions of planning specialist as assigned. Involves: Assist in conducting field investigations, economic or public opinion surveys, demographic studies, or other research. Compile data gathered. Perform statistical analysis, and prepare statistical charts and graphs.

Perform function of supervisor in the Maintenance Division as assigned. Involves: Coordinate and perform maintenance and repair of apparatus, vehicles and equipment. Maintain parts, materials and supplies inventories. Assist Maintenance Superintendent in writing specifications. Coordinate maintenance of dispatch, telephone and radio equipment.

Perform functions of air and oxygen equipment repair specialist as assigned. Involves: Perform and coordinate maintenance and repair of air and oxygen equipment, personal safety alert units, medical and other related equipment. Oversee issuance of protective clothing, materials, supplies and equipment.

Perform functions of emergency management assistant as assigned. Involves: Set up emergency operations center in response to a disaster or practice drill during absence of division head or as instructed which includes inspecting or otherwise verifying that equipment and facilities to be used are in good working condition, and that essential materials and supplies are in stock or obtain them from designated sources. Notify available qualified response personnel and organizations of incidences and circumstances. Travel to and visually inspect potential disaster sites and structures in response to complaints, and document and forward findings to other functionally accountable departments as necessary. Assist with training of response personnel and the public by conducting or participating in class sessions or exercises.

Supervise assigned personnel. Involves: Schedule, assign, instruct, guide, check and evaluate work. Arrange for or engage in employee training and development. Enforce personnel rules and regulations, standards of conduct, work attendance, and safe work practices. Counsel, motivate and maintain harmonious working relationships among subordinates. Recommend staffing and employee status changes.

Perform related work as required. Involves: Maintain records and prepare reports. Assume command of the company and station or facility during absence of superior.General Information

For a complete job description click here.

Test Date: Monday, February 25, 2019

Be sure to list detailed, separate job history in order to meet minimum qualifications. In addition, include proof of course completion and certifications with your electronic application. All documentation to meet the minimum qualifications must be provided to the Fire Human Resources Dept. by the closing date for the written exam.
The below documentation must be submitted to show that applicants meet the contractual requirements of Article XXIII, Section 3d:

  • Successful completion of Strategy and Tactics, and Supervision course from an accredited college, university or state recognized institution.
  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certification as Fire Instructor I
  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certification as Fire Officer I
    To receive educational points and/or to receive three points for local certification as a paramedic, applicants must provide appropriate proof to the Fire Human Resources Department no later than 1800 hours on the day of the written exam.

    Please note: This recruitment is limited to employees working within the City of El Paso Fire Department.

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