New Year Eve Relapse

Well, it happened—my employee relapsed New Year’s Eve. He was abstinent from alcohol use for eight years after almost getting fired. His work performance is outstanding. The word is that he is “back on his recovery program.” Should I leave this alone or talk to him?

Meet with your employee. You already have a history of referral to the EAP and post-treatment management of his performance. Of course, you will not be able to determine the accuracy of anything he says regarding reestablishing an effective recovery program or even regarding his abstinence. Only a professional can do that. However, you can recommend strongly that he visit the EAP as a self-referral so the program can help him reestablish such an effort. Relapses happen. They are nothing to panic about, but the sooner you have a discussion like the one you will hopefully have, the faster he will join the recovery program and the more successful he will be at sticking with it.

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