Emotional Intelligence

I know about emotional intelligence and its importance in workplace communication and in maintaining productive relationships, but how do I know if I have issues or gaps in this soft skill? Is there a test? Can the EAP help improve my EI?

There are many resources online that discuss emotional intelligence, test it, and promote various resources for improving it. A simple quiz and discussion about emotional intelligence for supervisors is found at the resource links below. One is in the Harvard Business Review, and the other is from Workforce Magazine. Use the information to test your emotional intelligence and learn how to improve it. Your desire to know more about your emotional intelligence shows your appreciation for self-awareness. Self-awareness is the most important skill to consider when examining emotional intelligence. If your EQ test points to areas where you think you need help, bring this information to the EAP for a discussion.

Sources: http://www.hbr.org/2015/06/quiz-yourself-do-you-lead-with-emotional-intelligence.
You will find a good discussion about how supervisors can improve emotional intelligence at

Source: Chief Frank Reyna EPFD – Frontline Supervisor Well Connect January 2019
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