PFT Class July 2018

Attention El Paso Fire Department Lt. Efrain Jr. Robles would like to introduce you to our new Peer Physical Fitness Trainer class the Training Academy just had this past July:

PFT Class July 2018

Acosta, Joshua; Beltran, Danny; Cain, Wyatt, Campuzano, Jesus; Chambers, Scottie; Chavez, Jacob; Chavez Lionso; Diaz, Robert; Franco, Roberto; Gallo, Juan; Garcia, Iuzuny; Herrera, Leonard; Ibarra, Fabricio; Lawson, Jonathan; Loya, Luis; Manriquez, Jaqueline; Pacheco, Juan Carlos; Padilla, Aldo; Portillo, Ricardo; Robles Jr., Efrain; Rodriguez, Danny; Romero, Xavier; Villalobos, Carlos; Villela, Cesar I.; Webb, Bryan

These twenty-five El Paso Fire Department firefighters accepted the challenge and responsibility of becoming certified PFTs through the IAFF and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  What that means is each firefighter who attended the class understands and has accepted the responsibility of taking their new knowledge and skills to the rest of the El Paso Fire Department.   These individuals are not only trained but look forward to helping others improve their fitness levels and overall health.

In the late 1990’s, the IAFF in coordination with several other partners began an initiative aimed at improving the health, fitness, and longevity of Fire Fighters across the country.  Since its inception, this initiative now referred to as the Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI), has changed and incorporated several different components related to firefighter health into its program.  One crucial component of the WFI, designed to improve firefighter fitness and prevent injuries, is the Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) program. 

 Lt. Efrin Robles

The certification program consisted of a 1-week class focused on teaching these PFTs how to help other firefighters develop proper exercise programs, correct bad exercise habits, and movements, and prevent injuries by using proper body mechanics.

The class was well received by the attendees, most likely due to the challenges presented both in the classroom and in the gym, which often included 3-4 (sometimes more) workouts per day.

 Lt. Efrin Robles

If you are wondering what the Peer PFC Here are a few of the ways these PFTs can be utilized by the Department:

The Peer Physical Fitness Coordinator can be utilized for a number of things;

  • Education
    •  Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery, Acclimatization
  •  Incumbents
    • Fitness Assessments
    • Program design and enhancement (personalized to each individual to meet that person’s fitness goals)
    • Education
    • Perform Annual WFI assessments (required 6 months after your annual LifeCare physical)

For more information or to get started on your own path to a better life, please feel free to contact any of the PFTs on the Department or the Health and Safety Division.

40 HR

  • Headquarters, Training Academy, 911 Call Center, FPD
    • Carpio, Richard
    • Killings, John
    • Kulvinskus, Sharon
    • Nicholson, James
    • Redd, Dennis
    • Roy, Daniel
    • Schaerfl, James
    • Robles, Efrain
    • Beltran Danny
    • Garia Iuzuny
    • Herrera Leonard
    • Padilla, Aldo

Operations –

  • A Shift
    • Cardenas, Sergio
    • Gallegos, Juan
    • Carlos Garcia, Hector
    • Gonzalez, Richard
    • Hernandez Justin
    • Martinez, Moises
    • Medina, Ricardo
    • Rivera, Samson Rodriguez,
    • Enrique Romero,
    • Daniel Sanchez,
    • Curtis St. Meyers,
    • Bradley Zeh, Fernie
    • Acosta Joshua
    • Campuzano
    • Chavez Jacob
    • Diaz Robert
    • Manriquez Jaqueline
    • Pacheco Juan Carlos
    • Villalobos Carlos
  • B Shift
    • Garcia, Justin
    • Ibarra Fabricio
    • Loya Luis
    • Ricardo Portillo
    • Rodriguez Danny
  • C Shift
    • Gutierrez, Julius
    • Marin, Ricardo
    • Mora, Anthony
    • Ramirez Sergio
    • Sandoval Adrian
    • Soto, Gonzalo
    • Trevino, Gabriel
    • Acosta Joshua
    • Cain Wyatt
    • Chambers Scottie
    • Chavez Lionso
    • Franco Roberto
    • Gallo Juan
    • Lawson Jonathan
    • Romero Xavier
    • Villela Cesar

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