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Question submitted to the Fire Chief:

There seems to be a common theme where personnel who go through the paramedic class don’t become a paramedic but end up doing well on a promotional exam, shortly after failing their national exam. It’s understood that it’s not a requirement to be a paramedic to promote, but should there be some type of action taken so this personnel can’t take an exam, due to wasting the departments time and money? Thank you for your time and response.

Fire Chief’s Response:

While we understand your concerns, the reason we provide paramedic training in-house is that of the difficulty in not only passing the class but the National Registry as well.  The paramedic course just as the promotional exams are voluntary, other than that there is no comparison between the two.  While we would like a 100% passing rate we do not consider it a waste of time or money but an investment in the Department’s future. Personnel that has completed the course have gone through 6 months of extremely difficult academics in preparation for the exam and are evaluated continuously during the course.  Paramedicine is a difficult course to pass and the national registry exam is said to be even more difficult. The EPFD paramedic program has a passing rate exceeding national and state averages.  A firefighter that has completed this program has a wealth of knowledge that will allow them to provide better service to the citizens served even when in the rare circumstances they are unable to pass the national registry.

Mario M. D’Agostino

Fire Chief

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