State of the Union Address

We had a good turn out from our three shifts and even the President from our Union came out to see what’s up.   Yes, lunch was provided and everyone got a chance to see 911 communication center with a surprise in the bay.

The focus this year:

Back to Basics

It takes us back to the why.

The why we do what we do……………

It’s about the PRIDE

  • Profession
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Duty
  • Excellence

The health and safety of us……..

  • The health and safety or our Community…..
  • It’s about ensuring that we are prepared to handle any task in front of us……..
  • The importance of being the leaders we all said we would be …………….
  • Not looking for the shortcuts but doing the right things for the right reasons…………..

These were just a few of the basics that we’re covered by the Fire Chief

If you would like to know more send the Fire Chief a question.

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