Summer Program Public Education Shows

The Community Risk Reduction’s “Gonzo and Sparky Show” was presented at the Cities Parks and Recreation centers, several YMCAs and church youth programs during the summer.  Kids enrolled in these programs got an opportunity to learn valuable lifesaving information about fire safety. Children were educated about the importance of smoke alarms in the home, having two ways out, tools versus toys, having a safe meeting place, stop drop and roll, and firefighters are your friends.  “The lessons that these children learn will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives.” said Lieutenant James Schaerfl, “We’re hoping to empower these young kids with fire safety knowledge so that it becomes second nature to them as they become adults in our community in the future.”

The fire prevention message is a vital part of what a professional firefighter does; it goes hand-in-hand with our mission to save lives and preserve property.  The role of Operations cannot be understated in this effort to educate the public. As the El Paso Fire Department becomes more proactive in providing public education to citizens, Line Companies will continue to get the opportunity to interact more with target hazards in their districts.

Over the two summer months, this interactive public education program was presented to hundreds of children at more than 16 different venues.  With the beginning of school right around the corner and the soon approaching Fire Prevention Week, the demand for the “Gonzo and Sparky Show” will be on the rise. This will give the Department and you, our highly dedicated members, the opportunity to educate thousands of our youngest citizens with valuable lifesaving lessons and fulfill that mission.

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