Central Visit from the City


It’s not every day we get visitors to Central, but when we do we pull all the stops.  Three of our city council support staff decided to take a field trip and learn about EPFD by visiting Central Fire Station downtown.


The visitors had a blast learning what the firefighters do.  They had the opportunity first hand to try out the bunker gear and handheld equipment.  they could not believe that El Paso firefighters could lift and pull all that equipment around and still be able to pull out victims and continue to fight the fire later.

The real treat came when C shift pulled out Pumper 1.  The ladies were very excited to see the inside of a pumper and had a few questions about the vehicle itself. However, the questions stopped when they were asked if they wanted to shoot the fire hose.

The crew and the chief explained to them the station life and how the fire department comes together to get things done.

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