MDA 2018 Boot Drive Results

The 2018 Boot Drive results are in and Rick Flores has sent out a message thanking everyone for their participation.

Rick Flores wrote:

I want to thank all members who participated in this years MDA Boot Drive. For having a short time to prepare and get the word out we came together and made this drive a success! Congratulations goes out to Battalion Chief Carreon and his crews from Battalion 6 “B” shift for taking first place overall. For their efforts, they will receive a t-shirt, challenge coin and a cookout sponsored by Local 51!

Everyone who participated will receive a t-shirt from MDA. I believe you will like this year’s design. Your hard work, dedication and ability to withstand the hot temps we experienced will help the 350 plus El Paso families with approximately $80,000.00 of the $105,00.00 staying here in El Paso. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. In the end, we do what we do for the families. EPFD did not disappoint!

Planning for next years drive will begin in the next couple months. Next years drive promises to be competitive and rewarding for all who participate. We have some great ideas to make your efforts worthwhile! Below I have listed the totals for the top 10 Battalions and 40 hours crews. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

  1. Batt 6 “B” $9740
  2. Batt 5 “C” $8321
  3. Batt 6 “A” $7348
  4. Batt 5 “B” $7252
  5. Batt 4 “C” $6998
  6. Batt 4 “B” $5488
  7. Batt 1 “C” $4725
  8. Batt 2 “B” $3703
  9. Batt 6 “C” $3640
  10. Batt 2 “C” $3064

Logistics                           $1300
Training Academy          $700


Rick Flores
FST  B6 “A” Shift
El Paso Fire Department

We look forward to seeing MDA Boot Drive again for next year but until then here are some pics to remember this year’s drive.



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