El Paso State Supported Residence visit the SHOC

The El Paso State Supported Residence visit the Safe & Health Outreach Center to brush up on the fire escape skill with the guidance of El Paso Fire Prevention Department. The Staff at the El Paso State Supported Residence requested a brush up for all their State Residence’s fire escape skills.  The FPD was more than accommodation and were able to provide them with sit down question and answer to actual interaction with smoke, alarms and simulated fire.

Fire Prevention breaks it down into three steps

Step 1

  • A sit down with the residence to review primary dangers of fire.
  • Stop Drop and Roll explanation and demonstration IMG_4464

Step 2

  • A video demonstration fire escape techniques and what to do in case of a fire
  • 0C2A0966
  • 0C2A0861

Step 3

  • The actual practice of the techniques that they saw in the video with assistance from FPD

If you have any question or wish to set up fire safety training please contact us a 311 or visit us at FPD on our website and set up training today.

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