Red Helmet Ceremonies

This month, all three shifts held their traditional Red-Helmet ceremonies. These ceremonies represent the passage of a firefighter from a rookie to a full firefighter, after completing 1 year in duty.

Congratulations to all of the new red helmets!

A Shift

Dyer, Austin J.

Gonzalez, Miguel A.

Cardona, Dante A.

Sell, Dylan J.

Pando, Humberto

Gonzalez, Sergio Jr.

Flores, Kevin F.

Trevizo, Erick H.

Jury, Kevin M.

Rodriguez, Brandon J.

Cruz, Pedro


B Shift

Alonzo, Mario

Jimenez, Julian E.

Martinez, Camilo

Flowers, Thomas

Salas, Victor A.

Parada, Eric M.

Niehans, Kenneth

Garcia, Eric J.

Flores, Leonardo D.

Hinojo, Angel




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