Crime Victims Memorial

Every year Family, Friends, and love ones come together at Crime Victims Memorial park to morn the victims of crime.  The victim of the current year has their picture held up by a volunteer behind an empty sit. As they stand the names of the fallen are read out loud for all to hear.  This is done as a reminder to all not to forget the fallen and why they have fallen.

The Crime Victims Memorial is dedicated to those who have died through acts of violence. Walking along the spiral pathways, one is led to a place of Remembrance. The sculptural pavilion consists of two concrete walls connected by a steel roof structure that has the appearance of an abstract wing or a butterfly. As a result, the memorial offers a sense of transformation and of taking flight, but it also conveys the somber quality of death’s final statement. Four 8’ diameter polished black granite discs, a town on each wall, hold the engraved names of those who have died. A remembrance is a place for the living and a dedication to those who have left us too soon.




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