Station 15 featured on Chief Miller!

This week,  a picture of 15’s was shared on the EPFD’s social media accounts.

The pictured depicted the amazing art, made by FF Thomas Veik, on the Station 15’s bay doors. A work of art that took him about 10 shifts to complete. 15’s A-shift guys and some firefighters swung by to help him too. Needless to say, the picture became an instant hit.

The photo was noticed by famous Instagrammer Chief Miller, who shared 15’s artwork with his more than 163,000 followers. In a couple of hours, 15’s got more than 2k likes. Chief Miller is an Instagram account that shares only the most impressive fire-related pictures from across the world.

Several fire departments from across the nation, including Sussex FD in New Jersey, showed interest in FF’s Veik artwork.

Beautiful job, guys, and congratulations!


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