Spring Season is COMSAR Season

As the weather begins to warm up, people are starting to go out more on hikes. This also means that some of that people might get stranded or injured on the trail. This, the beginning of the COMSAR season has begun.

On Friday, April 6th the COMSAR team responded to a call at Tom Mays State Park. A hiker injured her ankle at the Aztec Cove. COMSAR teams were deployed to the scene. After about 4 hours the hiker was brought down and transported. The patient suffered from a broken ankle.

Spec Ops took the opportunity to deploy one of the new drones and do some testing, new technology like this will help rescue crews pinpoint patient’s locations faster with great accuracy.

13 EPFD and 3 PD personnel were involved in the incident.

Excellent job COMSAR team!

Photo gallery below:


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