A Thank You Note from Ms. Conroy

This past Friday, the Fire Chief got a thank you card from Sharon Conroy, and he would like to share it with you.

To the Fire Chief and to All of the Men and Women Who Protect Us, 

Thank you so much for your dedicated service to ensure that we are safe in El Paso.  Applause as well to the smoke detector program under your direction. In the summer, I availed myself of your generosity.  I want to sing the praise of James who took my initial phone call and of Mike Rossi who came to my home.  What you do is what quality of life should be all about.  You are the “cake”; other frills in El Paso are icing. Without the cakes, we do not need icing. Thank you for your services to the community where it matters. 

I remain, evermore, 

Sharon Conroy 

If you receive a special thank you and would like with the rest of us, please let us know.  We would like to explore and share your admiration.


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