Reading Time

Fire Prevention Department, spend the majority of their time visiting fire victims and educating the public on fire safety, the setup of smoke alarms and, the importance of fire drills.  But once in a while, schools ask if they can come down and read a story to their students.

2018 has been a hectic year for the FPD, so when it came down to do some volunteer work and read to the children at Mission Valley Elementary School, FF Peter Scruggs volunteered his lunch hour and made it his mission to read to the school children.

Reading sessions usually take about 15 minutes.  You do need to be ready, at times FF Peter Scruggs looked like he was having difficulties reading to the children.

If you would like to volunteer some minutes to read to school children, please contact FPD and let them know, That way, they will know who to call when a school request for a firefighter for the kids.

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