Every Day is a New Day

It’s the start of a New Year, time to make your resolutions and set your goals. The best place to start is with a self-evaluation.

“Are my target solutions finished?”

“What did I miss on my physical this year?”

“What is that new tool on the rig?”

“What do you mean that change in the manual?”

Target solutions and HR are right places to start and find out what you need to be up to date on your certs and your CE’s.

What to do:

  • Take the time to visit with the TA or call during your days off.
  • Use this time as an excuse to find out when particular classes are going to be scheduled that you want to take are coming up and try to get in before you get shut out.
  • Double check your FD manuals and make sure you are up to date. There’s nothing worse than going out to do your job and find that you are doing it wrong. Talk with your officer and find out what goals, and expectations they have set for the year.
  • Make sure you are using that ONE HOUR of mandatory workout time. Take advantage of the fact that you have to work out during your shift. Use your work as an excuse to start

Running, rowing, stationary bike, and weights are good exercises.

Set different goals to help you improve your skill sets at work.

  • Know your station.
  • Review manuals “the manuals are constantly changing.”
  • Know your rig “review your rig things move around all the time.”
  • Talk with your fellow firefighters to find out what you can do to improve your skills.
  • And if you doubt whether or not you need to practice it; you need to practice.
  • Setting Goals for yourself doesn’t have to take place in January. It is something that we should be doing all the time.

So if you have not done so, right now may be the perfect time to start.


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